Friday, 20 September 2013

Walkers get FREE Breakfast!

Week 8, Term 3

This week the Travelwise team handed out a free breakfast to all the walkers down the Rayma Place walkway. We had around 30 students and some parents use the walkway leading into school! It was great to see students being active and have a ticket ready from using the walkway prior to the day.

Don't forget to keep using the walkway up to Rayma Place to keep Longford Street free from traffic!

Leah was all smiles walking down the alleyway!

Uhila and Aifala handing out breakfast to brothers Lorenzo and Cortez Tetley

More kids pouring down the walkway!

Julius excited to enjoy his breakfast to start the day!

The Travelwise team handing out breakfast to walkers with support from Whaea Barb, Whaea Emma and Mrs Hanline!

Uhila collects the tickets

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