Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Longford Street Changes

Week 7, Term 2

The parallel parking on Longford Street is complete! This means that there are less parking spaces to reduce traffic on the busy road when the rush hour happens after school. 
The problem with traffic we have is from 8.30-8.55am and 2.30-3.00pm when everyone is trying to drop off and pick up students.
We hope this encourages you all to think about student safety and park up at Bean, Keate or Rayma Place! Give it a go! There is a walkway that leads straight into school for your child to walk from! 

The new parallel parking

We also have a new footpath for students to walk straight up the walkway

A new fence to hang our very own banner on!


This week the parking wardens have been out on Longford Street. Just a reminder the parking in front of school on Longford Street is only a 5 minute parking so be warned, they might just ticket you. The best option would be to park up on Bean, Keate or Rayma Place where there are lots of free parking spaces! 

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